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Zodiac virgo Virgo
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Personality type ISFP
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Body type Average
Signup date 25, Nov 2017
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Who am I

I always try to be a gentleman, kind, good friend, good brother, and good son. I like sports, online games and healthy life, I can be calm, serious and make a decision with a cool head when i need to be, although I can be a little bit stubborn sometimes

What do I do in my life

play hard and work harder to reach my goals

I’m good at

self-criticism, humor, problem solving, cold mind and online gaming things maybe

Favorite movie, series, book, music, song, food

i will copy paste later :D

I'm thinking a lot about

Where do missing laundry socks go when they die?

What I do during the weekend

reading a good book is like a journey

What kind of people do I like

you need someone to talk about everything :)


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