Wood element

General info about Wood

Each of the 12 animal signs within the Chinese zodiac is associated with one of the five elements. This is known as the fixed element of the sign. The animal signs related to the Wood Element are the Tiger, the Rabbit and the Dragon. Generally, the fixed Wood element bestows an expansive, open characteristic to people born under this element. They find it easy to get along well with others, especially in a group context and bring good, energising vibes to any situation. They are compassionate people, who look for ways to help others and bring justice. Additionally, each animal sign is further divided into the five sub-elements, depending on the year that the sign occurs. Those born under the yearly Wood sub-element will have the following characteristics:

      Warm and sociable
      Innately kind and compassionate
      Altruistic, empathetic and sensitive to others
      Ethical, has high morals
      Finds it easy to make friends
      Generous; finds it easy to share
      Co-operative, able to work well with others
      Good at prioritizing and categorizing their work
      Practical and organized
      Always keen to grow
      Tendency to overcommit; do not know their limits or boundaries
      Can quit things easily
      Too passive
      Indecisive, fickle
      Can tend to waste money
Zodiac signs (yang) Tiger
Zodiac signs (yin) Rabbit
Hours 3am-7am
Seasons Spring
Climate Wind
Colors Green
Numbers 3, 8
Directions East
Organs (yang) Gall Bladder
Organs (yin) Liver
Body Part Tendons, Ligaments
Sense Organs Eyes
Diseases Wind
Tastes Sour
Smell Rancid
Sounds Shouting
Emotion Anger
Mental Quality Sensitivity
Energy Generative
Planets Jupiter
Heavenly Creatures Green Dragon
Heavenly Stems Jia Yi
Year ends with 4, 5
Personality Benevolence
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