Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope (SexScopes)
Friday, May 29th, 2020

The best time to get lucky this month is when the full moon is in your sign on may 7. Your allure and sensual nature can seduce anyone. First dates could lead to magical nights in bed. Romances continue to run hot and heavy when saturn turns retrograde on the tenth. The discovery of a new position or kink brings you peak pleasure. The climaxes make you see stars. However, your sex drive starts to stall out when mars enters pisces and venus turns retrograde on may 12, leaving you burned out and alone. Resist the urge to call your desired lover when jupiter turns retrograde on the fourteenth. If they really want you, they’ll come to you. Don’t play games with a player. Your sex life recovers when the sun enters flirty gemini on may 20, setting you up with your perfect match. Just go with the flow. By the twenty-second, the new moon will be in gemini and you’ll be in a very lovely pair of arms. Don’t let stability scare you off when mercury enters cancer on may 28. Vulnerability is incredibly sexy and feels great. Try it out, scorpio. You’ll be surprised how good it is.

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