The Numbers of Astrology: 5 Number

How 5 Number Shows It's Effect?

Astrological meaning of number 5

FIVE - Number 5 is the sum of the first even number 2 and the first odd number 3 and this symbolizes the union of heavenly and worldly aspects. It is the central number of the first nine numbers and the Pythagoreans called it ''the wedding number'' because it possesses balance and accord. Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519), Florentine artist, celebrated as a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer and scientist, points to number 5 as the symbol of a man inscribed in a circle and a square with stretched arms and legs in his famous illustration Vitruvian Man. If number 4 symbolizes Earth, the man is a cross on the Earth. There are five senses enabling the man to perceive the material world: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Number 5 symbolizes man's biological and spiritual development as well as his existence. Numbers divisible by 5 signify individuality and existence. This number is the symbol of the Universe, of order and perfection, and finally, the symbol of divine power. THE QUALITIES OF PEOPLE WITH NUMEROLOGICAL 5 These people are joyful, good-looking, analytic, pleasant, dynamic, unpredictable, eloquent, hasty, flexible, independent, relaxed, amusing, creative, communicative, ambitious, sociable, flirtatious, naturalistic and scientific. If they go through negative experiences in life, they may become problematic, irritating, aggressive, bad-tempered, deceitful, discontented, rough, vulgar, immoral, and profligate. They may even run away from home, start stealing, give futile promises, be always late and often change their love partners.