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Female Aymi , 25 Lahore, PK PK Level: 1 pisces Pisces
Personality type: INFP
Relationship status: Single
Body type Fit
Signup date: 02, Mar 2019


Hobbies in common: 0

Who am I

I'm a daydreamer ... Mostly lost in my imagination correcting thing own my own in my thoughts coz i need life full of love .. m a lit bit confused person about relationships or afraid of having someone or then loosing am so possessive ..

What do I do in my life

Its so bore house hold life recently i complete graduation ... Spend 2 year as teacher but now am just living normal bore life no way to go for outing .... So really need good friend

I’m good at

Not have any specific thing to do just but am good in singing 😉

Favorite movie, series, book, music, song, food

I love soft song saleena my fav, i saw mystery or fantasy movies also romantic onr😉 drama series The originals, pretty little liars , and books mystery series or fav food chizz passta , pizza or some traditional foods

I'm thinking a lot about

I think about someone who make my life perfect gave me all his love attention happiness.. or I also wana fo everything just as he want

What I do during the weekend

Mostly use social media or watch some movies

What kind of people do I like

Romantic or kind heart, caring